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The most important after winter is to refresh the body by removing the dry, dead epidermis. The most effective treatment for body rejuvenation is peeling. It is important to work with natural and ecological cosmetics, as all ingredients are absorbed through the skin. We work with the natural peeling from Yonelle, The Secret Soap Store and Yocata. Such peeling boost functions of the lymphatic system, which affects the skin’s nourishment and firming, and is helpful in the fight against cellulite. After peeling we recommend body massage with natural oils, which will loosen muscle, well-being and firm the skin. At the end of the treatment we apply a nourishing mask.

After Yonelle peeling massage, we apply moisturizing cream with hyaluronic acid or retinol firming cream to the whole body, which strongly stimulates the epidermis and subcutaneous tissues.

Effects after the peeling:

  • getting rid of dead epidermis cells
  • improving circulation and firming the skin
  • intensive smoothing
  • cellulite reduction
  • skin preparation for further treatments

Exfoliating Massage

60 min – 330 PLN

Yonelle massage stimulates microcirculation and cleans the body. Exclusive volcanic lava scrub and high-quality oils that intensively smooth and elasticize the skin, loosening the tense muscles. Especially good for pregnant women.

Body Scrub with Nourishing Cream

45 min – 250 PLN

Whole body scrub finished with nutritive cream of your chosen fragrance.

Body Scrub & Massage

60 min – 290 PLN,   90 min – 380 PLN

Full body scrub with a natural aroma oil massage – selected individually.