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Systematic an professional skin care helps to maintain beautiful, young appearance, keep your complexion in good condition and effectively delay aging. At Spa For You in Warsaw we offer proffesional facials for ladies and gentlemen: moisturizing, refreshing, nourishing, regenerating. We use high-quality cosmetics for all treatments that meet needs of all skin types and bring excellent results, as confirmed by our Guests’ reviews.

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If your skin needs hydration, regeneration, renewal or you want to take care of it, we encourage you to take advantage of our offer. Proper face care allows you to maintain a beautiful, young appearance, keep your complexion in good condition and effectively delay aging. At Spa For You in Warsaw we enable our Clients to contact the best specialists in their field. We do various facial treatments for ladies and gentlemen, moisturizing, refreshing, oxygenating, nourishing, regenerating, rejuvenating treatments and much more. Proposed treatments using high-quality cosmetics meet needs of all skin types and bring excellent results, as confirmed by the opinions of our guests. The knowledge and experience of our cosmetologists makes us able to deal with problems such as dehydration and dryness of the skin, loss of firmness, redness and others.

Cosmetic Consultation

15 min – 0 PLN

In order to choose the right treatment for your skin, we invite you to a free cosmetic consultation.

Purifying Cavitation Treatment

45 min – 300 PLN

Cavitation peeling, with the use of ultrasounds, thoroughly cleanses, followed with moisturizing mask leaves the skin refreshed and smooth.

Beauty Express

30 min – 240 PLN

Perfect facial treatments for a quick refresh and hydration. Hyaluronic acid and collagen contained in the products will bring immediate relief to your skin, and a relaxing head massage will relax your body. The treatment consists of make-up removal, peeling and relaxing face massage.

Pro-Vital Intensive Moisturizing Facial By Yonelle

60 min – 360 PLN

An excellent smoothing treatment that instantly improves the condition of any type of the skin with signs of dehydration, dryness and discomfort. Yonelle Medesthetic treatment is recommended for extreme dry and sensitive skin.

CONTRA-REDNESS Soothing Treatment for Sensitive Skin By Yonelle

60 min -400 PLN

Extremely effective treatment for capillaries and irritated skin. Improves appearance and comfort of the skin with visible capillaries.

BIO-FUSION SECOND SKIN Illuminating Treatment with vitamin C By Yonelle

90 min – 520 PLN

Spectacular improvement in elasticity and firmness of the skin, reducing wrinkles.

Spilantol Mimical Effect By Yonelle

90 min – 520 PLN

Treatment that reduces facial wrinkles and shapes the face oval with the Spilantol HX-8™ Infusion complex

MEN-VITALIC – Energizing & Moisturizing Treatment By Yonelle

70 min – 440 PLN

Deep skin hydration and regeneration.

HydraFacial Treatment*

6-steps hydrafacial with mask: 90 minutes – 450 PLN
6-stage hydrafacial: 60 min – 360 PLN

The treatment is recommended especially for tired, dull skin that requires deep cleansing.Hydrogen is a hygroscopic element that can penetrate the skin pores deeper.Hydrogen, used during the treatment, removes free radicals responsible for the aging processes, thoroughly cleans pores, making skin more moisturized and nourished.

Hydrafacial steps:
– hydrogen purification
– cavitation peeling
– acid hydro-abrasion (cleansing based on AHA and BHA acids, selected for the type of skin)
– lamination of active ingredients selected for the needs of the skin by means of oxygen infusion
– injection of active ingredients by massage with an ultrasonic head
– lifting and smoothing out wrinkles by means of bipolar radio wave
– calming the skin and sealing blood vessels with the crio head.

*treatment available at the Spa For You at the Hilton Warsaw City Hotel

Kobido Japanese Facial Massage

60 min – 350 PLN, 90 min – 420 PLN

Kobido is a Japanese facial massage that is an excellent alternative to aesthetic medicine treatments. Kobido massage session allows you to obtain the effect of additional regeneration and recovery, by working on acupressure points, we restore the harmony of the whole body.